JILL STUART Blooming Feelings

In stores February 1st, 2023

Blooming Feelings

Two hands clasp around a bouquet of flowers that bloom with gratitude.

Day after day, life is far too busy,
and before you realize it, it's nearly spring.
There are days that your smile could outshine the sun,
and days that your tears could fill a river:
Love and care weave through these stories of yours.
To myself, who was able to keep looking forward and doing my best.
To the special people who supported you this year...
Say “Thank you” from the bottom of your heart
with JILL STUART’s special bouquet-inspired items.

Delivering a plump, firm finish, they bring beauty and gaiety, like a bouquet.
90% naturally derived※1, nectar lip plumper※2 tenderly envelops your lips.

New item In stores February 1st, 2023

JILL STUART Crystal Bloom lip bouquet serum

8 colors, including 1 limited-edition shade 6mL 3,740 yen each (3,400 yen not including tax)

Beautiful flower language is behind these 8 shades of lip color.
Convey your feelings as if you were sending a bouquet to someone special.
*1 90% naturally derived* ingredients (not including water) ISO 16128 compliant. *2 Feels like nectar. The plumpness is a cosmetic effect only.