JILL STUART Holiday Collection
unicorn utopia collection

In Stores November 1st

Unicorn Utopia

Imagine suddenly seeing a soft mane fluttering in the
breeze and a sharp white horn glittering in the sun.

A unicorn has appeared right before your eyes.

You climb on her back and off you go,
through the clouds and over the rainbow.

Eventually you arrive in a secret flower garden in the clouds.

The theme of this year’s holiday collection is
a utopia filled with profusions of flowers.

Ride that unicorn to this mystical world.

Scents used across the 2023 Holiday Collection*1:
Sweet Utopia Garden fragrance
This sweet fragrance evokes an image of a mystical, utopic flower garden.
White floral scents are complemented by fruity and sweet
accents for a rich floral blend that exudes gentleness and softness.
The last notes combine vanilla with powdery notes,
musk and amber to add depth and elegance to the sweetness.
◆ Fragrance Accords ◆
Floral sweet
Fruity (apple, peach), citrus (bergamot), green (leafy green)
Floral (jasmine, rose, violet, freesia, gardenia)
Sweet (vanilla), powdery, musk, amber, woody (patchouli)
_____ Natural fragrances
Active ingredients used across the 2023 Holiday Collection
Moisturizers: Formulated with rosehip extract
(or rosehip oil) and lavender extract (or lavender oil) *2
Rosehip extract is Rosa canina fruit extract, rosehip oil is
Rosa canina fruit oil and lavender extract is lavender flower extract.
*1 Excludes Timeless Glow Rouge Tint Unicorn Utopia and Fragrant Nail Lacquer Unicorn Utopia.
*2 Products may contain rosehip and lavender extract or rosehip and lavender oil.

2023 Holiday Collection Limited Coffret

A romantic world evoking a mystical utopia.
A cloud-shaped pouch with a coffret containing
our popular items in limited-edition colors.

Limited-edition item In Stores November 1st

JILL STUART unicorn utopia collection

8,800 yen (8,000 yen not including tax)

The outer box has a limited-edition rainbow
hologram design evoking the image of
the flower garden in this mystical utopia.

Coffret Details

Set of seven colors evoking an image of a mystical utopia filled with profusions of flowers.
A limited-edition eye color palette to achieve pure, glowing eyes in countless makeup looks.
(Includes applicator)

Bloom Couture Eyes Unicorn Utopia
JILLSTUART Bloom Couture Eyes Unicorn Utopia
 7 shades 

Shimmer bright color has a brightening effect
  • A: Pink beige
    (medium silver pearls, small silver and pink pearls)
Petal colors provide translucent color
  • B: Salmon pink
    (medium gold pearls, small gold, pink and blue pearls)
  • C: Natural beige
    (large gold and pink pearls, medium gold and pink pearls, small beige pearls)
  • D: Sheer yellow
    (large gold and pink pearls, medium gold pearls, small gold pearls)
  • E: Sheer lavender
    (large pink pearls, medium purple pearls, small pink pearls)
  • F: Bluish pink
    (large gold and pink pearls, medium silver pearls, small gold and pink pearls)
  • G: Wine red
    (medium pink and blue pearls, small silver, gold and pink pearls)

Specially designed with pink and blue lavender in a marble pattern.
With a soft, rich, oily texture, this product gives your cheeks a healthy, luminous glow.

Melty Shimmer Blush Unicorn Utopia
JILLSTUART Melty Shimmer Blush Unicorn Utopia

A marble pattern of pink and blue lavender evokes an image of a unicorn utopia in the clouds.

(Large pink and blue pearls, silver pearls.)

This lustrous, long-lasting product comes in a limited-edition red that is luminous, elegant and sophisticated.
This moist-textured tinted rouge imparts a veil of moisture to the lips for a pure look.

Timeless Glow Rouge Tint Unicorn Utopia
JILLSTUART Timeless Glow Rouge Tint Unicorn Utopia

Elegant, sophisticated bluish red

This limited-edition nail oil has a sweet, joyful fragrance and three layers infused with flower and plant extracts to get you in the holiday mood.

Nail Oil Unicorn Utopia
JILLSTUART Nail Oil Unicorn Utopia

3 layers: pink, clear, lavender