Eye Color Brush (In stores November 18, 2016)

Eye Color Brush (In stores November 18, 2016)

An eye color brush that feels soft against the skin and provides a beautiful, uniform finish.

In stores November 18, 2016
JILL STUART Eye Color Brush
2,000 Yen (not including tax)

How to use & cautions for use:
・If the brush requires cleaning, dilute a neutral cleaning agent with warm water, wash the brush carefully, rinse it well, remove any remaining moisture with a dry towel, arrange the bristles and then let it dry completely out of direct sunlight.

[Differences with Existing STVA Eye Color Brush I]
・Existing - 100% natural hair (weasel), a thick and rich brush.
・New item - 100% artificial hair, soft and comfortable against the skin.
Collects plenty of product and applies just the right volume to your eyelids, creating a natural gradation.

*The existing brush has firmer bristles, making it easier to create luster, but also applying a lot of color, leading some people to say that considerable technique is required to use it.

The bristles on the new brush make blurring easier, and have been adjusted to be extremely soft against the skin, making gradation easier.