Aqua Chiffon Protector Waterproof

Aqua Chiffon Protector Waterproof

A light veil applied with a mellow sensation.
A milk type sun block that protects you from ultraviolet rays while maintaining a moisture-filled translucency across your skin.

In stores April 7, 2017 Limited edition
Aqua Chiffon Protector Waterproof
< Sun Block > 50mL, 2,800 Yen (not including tax) SPF50+/PA++++

Product features:
・A waterproof type sun block milk with a mellow, milky sensation that smoothly blends with your skin as though becoming one with it. Provides a light and smooth feeling of comfort while enveloping your skin in a refreshing veil.
・SPF50+/PA++++ formulation is capable of protecting your skin from even the harshest ultraviolet rays, keeping you safe from sunburn, discoloration and freckles. A dust proof type that soundly protects your skin from environmental stresses.
・The lasting stretch formulation provides flexible coverage for when you move around and is resistant to slippage. Powder that absorbs sweat and lipids and smooth powder work together to keep even skin prone to stickiness smooth and comfortable. The smooth powder remains on the skin even after sweat have evaporated away, making it the perfect makeup base in order to prevent slippage while providing close coverage.
・Envelops even skin prone to drying out due to UV rays or air conditioning with complete moisture, making skin pure and overflowing with translucency. Enjoy protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays while wreathed in a sweet and happy fragrance.
・White Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

・A limited edition design featuring a textile patter inspired by strawberry fields and the atmosphere of a picnic.

Directions for use:
・Evenly apply a small volume at a time, making sure you do not miss any areas. If you apply too little then you will not receive sufficient protection from UV rays.
* Can be removed using regular face wash products.

Beauty essences:
・Rose honey, Orange honey, Lavender honey, Star fruit extract, Madonna lily (root) extract, Peony extract, Hydrolyzed silk, Rooibos extract, Shea butter