Crystal Polish Foundation Brush

Crystal Polish Foundation Brush

For radiant skin that shines the more it is polished.
Diamond-shaped foundation brush that achieves poreless translucence.

In stores June 2, 2017
JILL STUART Crystal Polish Foundation Brush
3,500 Yen (not including tax)

Product features:
・Diamond shape easily creates a beautiful finish, even in small areas.
This foundation brush feels soft and comfortable on skin, with a flexible fit against contours. A supple fit allows the brush to reach small areas such as around the eyes and nostrils.
・Thin and even layer creates translucent, radiant skin.
The brush surface is cut diagonally, improving its fit against skin to create a uniform makeup layer. Using the corners of the brush, it's easy to apply foundation nicely even in small areas.
・Finest-quality feel, for stress-free application.
Made with a large volume of ultra-fine hairs, this brush feels soft and comfortable against the skin. It's well balanced with hairs that easily pick up foundation so there's no need to load the brush many times, allowing for speedy application.
・Thorough coverage of pores and unevenness.
The brush has resilience, and can be used by tapping against the skin to easily create natural coverage for pores and uneveness.

Directions for use:

Can be used with powder or liquid foundation