Hot Gel Double Cleansing

Hot Gel Double Cleansing

Gentle warmth that smoothly melts away impurities inside pores.
Hot gel cleansing formulated with beauty serum.

In stores May 4, 2018
JILL STUART Hot Gel Double Cleansing (Cleansing, face wash)
151g 2,500 Yen (not including tax)

【For Reference】
Warming action melts the makeup and impurities clogging pores, so it washes away to leave skin smooth, silky and with deep translucence.

Point 1
Pleasant warmth has a hot towel-like effect
It has a warming action that heats skin like a hot towel would, softening and loosening pores. Massaging it into skin helps lift away comedones and impurities clogged in pores.

Point 2
Grabs and removes makeup and pore impurities, leaving nothing behind
Oil ingredients blend with makeup and quickly lift it from skin. The gel seals tightly to skin to grab hold of and remove the lifted makeup impurities—including lamé and pearl.

Point 3
Contains 90%* beauty serum, for smooth skin full of translucence
It contains various moisturizing ingredients, including apricot oil. The gel washes away completely without feeling sticky, and doesn't leave skin feeling taut. Malic acid works to soften keratin, leading to beautifully translucent skin with no roughness or stiffness.
※Serum excludes cleansers and pigments

Product features:
・Melts impurities with a gentle warming touch
The gel has a pleasant and gentle warming feel, and melts makeup, blackheads and impurities hiding deep inside pores, leading to silky-smooth skin with deep translucence.
・Grabs and removes even pearl and lamé makeup
Gooey gel spreads smoothly and seals tightly to skin to grab hold of and remove even fine pearl and lamé.
・Thoroughly removes impurities with zero tautness
It contains moisturizers like apricot oil, raspberry extract and prune extract, as well as keratin-softening malic acid. It washes away completely yet leaves skin feeling pleasant with no tautness.
・Fresh and joyful sweet fruity floral fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Add a dollop the size of a cherry into dry hands and massage into the entire face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Wash away using room temperature or lukewarm water.
・Do not wet hands or face before using.
・There's no need to use additional face wash afterwards.
・Due to the nature of the product, the warming action may be lessened if water gets inside the container.
・Warming action may feel different depending upon the individual and environment (room temperature, humidity).

Beauty essences:
Moisturizers: apricot oil, raspberry extract, prune extract, glycerin
Keratin softening ingredient: malic acid
※Apricot oil is prunus armeniaca kernel oil, raspberry extract is rubus idaeus fruit extract, prune extract is hydrolyzed prunus domestica.