Juicy Sunny Floral Everything Mist

Juicy Sunny Floral Everything Mist

Blissful moisture for face, hair, and body.
A mist lotion that wraps the whole body in sweet, fresh fragrance.

In stores June 1, 2018 Limited-edition
JILL STUART Juicy Sunny Floral Everything Mist
< Moisturizing lotion for face, body and hair >
200mL, 3,000 Yen (not including tax)

Product features:
・For skin or hair that feels dry, and even for use over makeup. This mist lotion creates a cloud of airy, fine mist that imbues both your skin and mind with moisture and fragrance.
・Ingredients with powerful moisturizing effects, like extracts from juicy fruits and from flowers that defy the heat of strong sunlight, hydrate skin and lead to a greater translucence. It can also be used on top of makeup to increase the bond and resilience of your cosmetics.
・Use as a blowdrying lotion for smooth hair that is free from dryness.
・Weak-acidity formula is gentle even on skin prone to dryness from air conditioning, or sensitive to UV rays.
・Your whole body is wrapped in a sweet, fresh fragrance that drifts subtly through the air around you. It creates a pleasant coolness, and is perfect for when you want to feel refreshed.
・Juicy Sunny Floral fragrance

・A cute design featuring tropical fruits on a background of light coral orange stripes.

Directions for use:
・Spray at a distance of about 15cm from your face, body or hair, and then gently work in using the palm of your hand.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers Guava extract, acerola extract, star fruit extract, hibiscus extract, glycerin
Guava extract is psidium guajava leaf extract, acerola extract is malpighia punicifolia fruit extract, star fruit extract is averrhoa carambola leaf extract, hibiscus extract is hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract.