Iconic Look Eyeshadow

Iconic Look Eyeshadow

Fascinate with a fashionable eye.
Thirty-five single eye colors to enjoy mixing and matching.

In stores December 7, 2018 New item item
JILLSTUART iconic look eyeshadow
35 colors, including 5 limited-edition colors,
2,200 yen each (not including tax)

S101 messenger of spring 
The baby pink of cherry blossoms that herald the spring
S102 proud of you 
Clear lavender leads the way to a feminine eyes that shine
S103 you are the one 
The ice blue of the same sky you gazed up at with that special someone.
S104 lots of happiness 
Coral orange filled with incredible joy
S105 be my shine 
Gold that shines like the sun
S106 enjoy a romance 
Vintage pink the blushing color of affection
※Main color
S107 think of me 
Vintage gold the color your image remaining in someone’s memory
※Sub color
S108 my everything 
Reddish gold for a warm, glossy look
S109 cherish you 
Deep brown filled with profound emotion
S110 secret my heart 
Bordeaux the color of a secret flame
S111 good fortune 
Navy blue that brings luck
★S502 for u 
Green the color of adorable birds filling the air with song
★S503 thanx 
A heart-warming vintage reddish gold

C201 dear to me 
Genuine and pure glossy white like the impression of someone close to your heart
C202 ever after 
Glossy aqua blue for your happily ever after
※Main color
C203 make you smile 
Glossy baby pink that lights your face up with a smile
C204 tender memory 
Glossy brown of a tender memory forever cherished
★C501 luv u 
Glossy vivid pink of your feelings of true love

G301 innocent glam 
Pure charm concealed in sparkling white
※Main color
G302 my darling 
Sparkling mermaid blue with the radiance of that dearest someone
G303 bring happiness 
Sparkling pale pink that brings happy tidings
G304 special holiday 
Sparkling beige gold that shines like a special holiday spent with the one you love
G305 stare at you 
Sparkling star gold that can that sparkles and shines when you catch your reflection
G306 full of joy 
Sparkling copper orange that overflows with fun
G307 journey with you 
Sparkling khaki filled with the excitement of a trip with a special someone
G308 have fun 
Sparkling vivid red of fun that never stops
※Sub color
★G504 you did it! 
Reddish brown filled with deep and sincere congratulations from the heart
★G505 be happy 
Chocolate brown of an exciting, colorful shower

M401 with big love 
Love red wrapped in great affection
M402 into you 
Vivid blue of the clear night sky that brought you to your love
M403 smitten kitten 
Innocent ivory of the thralls of love
M404 be with you 
Lovely pink the color of your flushed cheeks when you are with that special someone (non pearl)
※Main color
M405 purity of heart 
Orange beige of purest innocence
M406 mature elegance 
Elegant brown concealing refined charm (non pearl)
※Sub color
M407 believe me 
Dark brown of a self-reliant heart (non pearl)

★Limited-edition color

Product features:

13 colors (including 2 limited-edition colors)
A delicate, silky shine with exotic transparency.

・ Satin-like glossy finish
・ Moisturized, smooth touch
・ Stays on once applied for beautiful color that lasts

5 colors (including 1 limited-edition color)
Fresh gloss in color that’s perfect whether applied thin or thick.

・ Highly glossy, wet-look finish
・ A liquid touch that feels moisturized without being sticky
・ Won’t smudge throughout the day for beautiful, lasting gloss.

10 colors (including 2 limited-edition colors)
Elevate your brilliance with colors that have presence whether on their own or layered.

・ Dazzling sparkle achieved with a luxurious combination of large pearls and metallics
・ Rich in pearls, but still has a moisturized and smooth touch
・ Stays on once applied with pearls that won’t come off

7 colors
Soft powder perfectly suited to creating natural, impactful eyes.

・ Color exactly as it looks for a powdery, matte finish
・ Smooth, soft touch
・ Won’t run due to sweat or sebum for just-applied, lasting beauty

・ Thirty-five single eye colors that are easy to use for that on-trend single color look or layer with colors you already own. Great for a wide range of uses, from point makeup and nuanced adjustments to metallic highlights.
・ Spreads with a smooth touch for color that applies exactly as it looks. Stays on once applied for beauty and color that lasts.
・ Give your eyes impact with four textures: satin, cream, glitter and matte. The makeup itself features for different styles of pressed design that correspond to the texture of the finish, for a visually fun collection.
・ Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

・ A perfect square with rounded corners to give the impression of the lights of a backstage dressing room mirror. A dotted border was added to finish this iconic design.
・ The top is simple, for an exceptionally soft shape designed to reflect the color and texture of the eye shadow. The vintage yet modern impression we have employed until now has been touched up with the feel of a professional product.

Directions for use:
・ Take a small amount on your fingertip, tip or brush and spread across your eyelid.

Beauty essences:
・ Contains rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil (moisturizer)

  • S101
  • S102
  • S103
  • S104
  • S105
  • S106
  • S107
  • S108
  • S109
  • S110
  • S111
  • ★S502
  • ★S503
  • C201
  • C202
  • C203
  • C204
  • ★C501
  • G301
  • G302
  • G303
  • G304
  • G305
  • G306
  • G307
  • G308
  • ★G504
  • ★G505
  • M401
  • M402
  • M403
  • M404
  • M405
  • M406
  • M407