Loose Blush (In stores January 25, 2019)

Loose Blush (In stores January 25, 2019)

Like strawberry cotton candy.
Loose-type blush that colors cheeks with sweet happiness.

In stores January 25, 2019 New colors
2 colors, including 1 limited-edition color, 3,800 each (not including tax)

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07 strawberry factory
Berry pink, packed full with strawberries (non-pearl)
※Main color
★08 strawberry candy
Milky pink like strawberry candy

★Limited-edition color

Product features:
・07 is a pink red that provides lovely strawberry-like color, for a glow that seems to rise up from within.
08 is a milky pink highlighting color that provides delicate radiance and brightness.
・These loose-type single blushes are applied with the soft puff stick, for radiance and rosy color that melts lightly onto skin.
・The fuzzy sugar pink puff stick has fine, soft hairs that hold onto powder, so the blush can be easily applied by gently brushing the stick against cheeks. With light tapping motions, even the act of applying it looks lovely.
・Designed with a cotton candy motif. The candy-like cap is round and chubby, designed to evoke the softness and roundness of fuzz. The lid is decorated with scallop cuts that glitter when you take it in your hand.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Beauty essences:
Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil (moisturizer)

☆Explanation of cap
The top is decorated with large engraving.

  • 07
  • ★08