Something Pure Blue Face & Body Powder

Something Pure Blue Face & Body Powder

For translucence like being adorned in a wedding dress.
Multi-powder for skin with a smooth finish.

In stores May 3, 2019 Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Something Pure Blue Face & Body Powder
35g, 5,000 yen (not including tax)

Product Features:
・Face and body powder that gives skin an even and fine texture, like the refinement of a wedding dress.
It has a light texture that pleasantly melts and sticks to skin.
・Three colors of powder combine to provide exquisite transparency without any white powdery look.
It creates a fine-quality and light finish that makes pores inconspicuous.
・Included puff holds onto moisturizer-rich powder and allows it to gently spread across skin, making it feel soft to use and leaving no powdery finish.
・Design has a vintage feel, like being adorned in a tulle wedding dress.
The pleat-cut lid and sparkling blue crystal make any dresser look gorgeous.
・Limited-edition Something Blue Bouquet fragrance.

How to Use:
・Add a suitable amount onto the puff and spread across skin.
※Item not designed to be portable.

Beauty essences:
Moisturizers: Damascus rose extract, Edelweiss extract, Madonna lily extract, Camellia oil, squalane
Damascus rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract, edelweiss extract is Leontopodium alpinum flower/leaf extract, Madonna lily extract is Lilium candidum bulb extract, and camellia oil is Camellia japonica seed oil.