Lucky Gem My Lips

Lucky Gem My Lips

Your own shade with the shimmer of a shining star.
A lucky talisman to bring happiness and confidence.

Limited-edition items
JILL STUART lucky gem my lips
3,000 yen each (not including tax)

12 completed Capricorn
In stores December 4th, 2020
Onyx shines with power in red, blue and green tinted black
Message from the stars:
Achieve your goals

01 thoughtful Aquarius
Stores: In stores January 2nd, 2021
Official online store: Available January 4th, 2021 from 3PM
Lapis lazuli's deep blue glimmers with a hint of gold.
Message from the stars:
You can make the right decision

02 gregarious Pisces
In stores February 5th, 2021
An aquamarine that sparkles with pink smiling
against a pale transparent blue.
Message from stars:
Be social

03 alluring Aries
In stores March 5th, 2021
A ruby imbued with maximum feminine allure.
Message from stars:
Be loved by everyone

04 peace-loving Taurus
In stores April 2nd, 2021
Blue green meets moss green in a softly shining emerald.
Message from stars:
Calm your heart

05 promised Gemini
In stores May 7th, 2021
Yellow with gold and silver create a sunny, cheerful topaz
Message from stars:
Seize the chance

Product features:
・This lipstick is decorated with lucky gemstones inspired by zodiac stones, which are said to have the power to bring happiness. The individual colors and designs of each zodiac stone and its message from the stars make it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.
・Formulated with the highly luminous Horoscope Stardust Powder* to bring about the sparkle of a shining star.
・Each lipstick, colored according to zodiac stone, reacts with the moisture of your lips to create your own unique lip color. This tint lipstick creates a pure rosy effect that look like your natural lips, only enhanced in beauty.
(Individual results will vary.)
・Tint effect stays put even over many hours, for subtle yet pure color that lasts.
・Thoroughly hydrates lips by creating a smooth coating that delivers lightweight moisture.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.
・12 is the color of onyx (with red, blue, and green pearl shimmer) to make dreams come true. 01 is the color of lapis lazuli (with gold pearl shimmer) to provide guidance in making the right decision with deep thought. 02 is an aquamarine color (with red pearl) that lets you open up to anyone with friendly candor. 03 is a ruby color (blue, red and silver pearl) that will dazzle and captivate all. 04 is a warm, peace-loving emerald color (with blue and green pearl). 05 is a topaz color (with gold and silver pearls) that is sure to seize the moment.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.

Directions for use:
・Extend about 3 mm from the tube and apply gently. (Please be aware that color cannot be removed from clothing or other items.)

Beauty essences:
・Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil (moisturizing) formula
・Formulated with Horoscope Stardust Powder
*Horoscope Stardust Powder is synthetic phlogopite and titanium oxide.

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