Hair Oil Repair & Glow Milk Tea Blend

Hair Oil Repair & Glow Milk Tea Blend

Sweet, aromatic oil to imbue hair with moisture and luster,
featuring hair repair ingredients that tackle damage from the inside.

In stores October 1st, 2023 - Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Hair Oil Repair & Glow Milk Tea Blend
60mL 3,300 yen (3,000 yen not including tax)

Product features:
・Achieve lustrous hair protected from dryness with hair oil that takes a two-pronged approach from inside and outside, now featuring a limited-edition scent with the sweet, rich aroma of Milk Tea Blend.
・Natural cuticle coating ingredient (macadamia nut oil) and other hair care ingredients coat each strand, softening the surface of hair.
Smooths the cuticles, leading to radiant, lustrous hair.
・Botanical hair repair ingredient (jojoba seed oil) permeates into the hair to repair damage.
・Cacao butter and seven botanical oils, including argan, almond, and avocado, hydrate hair to protect from dryness, leaving it soft and supple.
・Spreads evenly across hair and creates a sense of tangible permeation.
Hair is kept moisturized, but doesn't feel sticky.
・Milk Tea Blend fragrance.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben-free.

・Light pink and purple evoke the warmth of milk tea and the scent of lavender.
The clear top evokes the relaxation and pleasant moisturizing sensation felt when using the product.
The acanthus leaf pattern around the central hexagon embodies the elegance of black tea, creating a premium feel befitting of a limited-edition item.

Directions for use:
・Spread a small amount in your palm and, on dry or damp hair, work oil in while paying special attention to the tips.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Contains argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil, candlenut oil, virgin coconut oil, cacao butter
Argan oil is Argania spinosa kernel oil, virgin coconut oil is Cocos nucifera oil.
・Contains botanical hair repair ingredients
Botanical hair repair ingredient is jojoba seed oil.
・Contains cuticle coating ingredient
Cuticle coating ingredient is macadamia nut oil.