Moonlit Dew Highlighter Bloom Drop

Moonlit Dew Highlighter Bloom Drop

Achieve the ideal look with beautiful skin translucent as if in moonlight.
A highlighter with dazzling pearl for shine and definition.

In stores April 1st, 2022 - Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Moonlit Dew Highlighter Bloom Drop
10g 3,520 yen (3,200 yen not including tax)

08 peach
Peachy coral with red pearl shimmer for a glamorous look

Product features:
・Color highlighter that adds shine and color to base makeup to create beautiful, translucent skin now available in limited-edition glowing colors that bring stunning shimmer and depth.
・Powder loosens up with smoothness for a light and easy to use experience that feels dewy and stays in place on the skin without feeling dry.
Creates a lustrous finish that becomes one with the skin and leaves a smooth and non-sticky finish.
・Comes in a stick form that is easy to carry around, easy to apply both across wide areas as well as areas of fine detail, and easy to use with one hand.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

・The chic silver container is designed with an arabesque design featuring diamond motifs that resemble droplets in moonlight.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil

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