Everyday Bright UV Protector Spray Mermaid White Floral

Everyday Bright UV Protector Spray Mermaid White Floral

Spray any time UV rays are a concern.
A sunscreen spray that can be applied to the entire body with a refreshing fragrance.

In stores June 1st, 2022 - Limited-edition item
JILLSTUART Everyday Bright UV Protector Spray Mermaid White Floral
60g 2,200 yen (2,000 yen not including tax)
SPF50+/PA++++ (for face, body and hair)

Product features:
・Use anytime and anywhere UV rays are a concern with an easy to use spray that works even when upside down.
Protect not only the face but also hard-to-reach areas such as the hair, back, nape of the neck and tops of the feet with this SPF50+/PA++++ spray-type sunscreen.
・Moisturizing ingredients such as extracts from flowers that bloom in full sun and seaweed extract, a blessing from the ocean itself, enrich the skin with moisture, leading to clear skin.
・The pure sweet scent cloaks you gently in a relaxing fragrance.
・Apply to clean hair to prevent unpleasant odors from settling in the hair.
・Contains Sweat and Sebum Absorbing Powder to help skin prone to stickiness stay smooth.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Mermaid White Floral fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Shake well before using.
Spray from around 10cm away from skin or hair and distribute evenly.
(Can also be used upside down.)
For use on the face, first spray into palm of the hand then apply small amounts to the face at a time.
Does not leave a white cast, so be sure not to forget to apply it.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Hibiscus extract, seaweed extract, Madonna lily extract, peach extract, bilberry extract, blackcurrant extract, avocado extract, virgin coconut oil, cacao butter, glycerin
Seaweed extract is rockweed extract, Madonna lily extract is Lilium candidum bulb extract, peach extract is Prunus persica leaf extract, bilberry extract is Vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract, blackcurrant extract is Ribes nigrum fruit extract, virgin coconut oil is Cocos nucifela oil, cacao butter is Theobroma cacao seed butter.
・Base: Sweat and Sebum Absorbing Powder
Sweat and Sebum Absorbing powder is polymethyl silsesquioxane.