Brilliant Jewel eau de parfum

				Brilliant Jewel eau de parfum

A soft and sweet fragrance to bring out my most brilliant self.

In stores December 4th, 2020 New item
JILL STUART Brilliant Jewel eau de parfum
50mL 9,130 Yen (excl. tax 8,300 Yen) / 30mL 6,820 Yen (excl. tax 6,200 Yen)

The bottle design features the bold brilliance of a jewel worn like the woman wears the fragrance. The top features a gemstone brimming with sparkle.
Light bounces delicately around it to give off a delicate glimmer that enhances its allure to another level. The straight rays of light that radiate outward demonstrate a woman who is soft yet strong-willed and her inner radiance, while creating a dress-like form that has an elegant and graceful appearance.

Shared Accords
Brilliance accord
An original accord that awakens the soft inner glow within you.
Shines brilliantly from the scent’s top notes through its middle all the way to its base.

Fragrance Composition
A scent that encompasses “light” that transforms from top to bottom,
inspired by the three lights emitted from a diamond that produce its beautiful glow.

twinkle light note
A scent with the refreshing lightness of a shimmering glow.

prism light note
A scent that captures the sweet, vivid rainbow light of seven layers of floral notes.

brilliant white light note
A scent with dignified purity, capturing clear brilliance that is soft yet strong.

Fragrance Accords
Fruity Floral Bouquet
The scent of sweet, soft “light” that maximally brings out your inner glow
with a combination of glittering, sun-bathed fruit and the layered notes of seven florals.

Lush and refreshing fruit that gleams in the sunlight
twinkle light note
With bergamot as a key note, it smells just like a jewel, with pink pepper and cassis combining to create a dazzling glow that twinkles in the moving light.
Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Pink pepper, Violet, Pineapple, Cassis

The bright accords of seven flowering plants create a transition most sweet and graceful
prism light note
The colors and fragrant aromas of rose, osmanthus and mimosas come together
in a sweet and gentle combination, like the delicate colors of the rainbow.
Rose*, Osmanthus*, Mimosa*, Rosemary*, Lavender*, Iris*, Patchouli*
Orange flower, Jasmine, Magnolia, Arabian jasmine

A lasting clean, pure and delicate scent
brilliant white light note
The gentle sweetness of heliotrope combined with the warmth of moss and the clean freshness of amber come together in the Brilliance Accord, shining with dignity and bringing the inner radiance forth to its fullest potential.
Brilliance Accord (heliotrope, amber, moss), Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk

* 7 florals
_____ Natural fragrances