Body Milk Assam Milk

Body Milk Assam Milk

Envelop yourself in the scent of rich milk tea and lavender.
A body milk that delivers radiant moisture to skin and confidence to you.

In stores January 28th, 2022 - Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Body Milk Assam Milk
250mL 3,300 yen (3,000 yen not including tax)

Product features:
・A body milk with a texture that is rich yet refreshing and spreadable.
・Envelops dry skin all over the body, whether the arms or legs, in moisture, leading to smooth and glowing skin.
・Formulated with specially selected moisturizers, including fresh and lightweight ingredients like lavender extract, as well as rich and creamy ones like virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter.
・The scent is reminiscent of rich, fragrant Assam milk tea with a hint of lavender and spreads softly.
・Limited edition packaging design features pale purple crystal parts and other design elements that evoke the classic sophistication unique to tea.
・Paraben free.

Directions for use:
・Take a suitable amount and work into skin anywhere on the body.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Tea extract, lavender, raspberry extract, blackcurrant extract, avocado extract, virgin coconut oil, cacao butter
Tea extract is tea leaf extract, lavender extract is lavender flower extract, raspberry extract is Rubus idaeus fruit extract, blackcurrant extract is Ribes nigrum fruit extract, and virgin coconut oil is Cocos nucifera oil.