Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue Perfumed Hand Essence

Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue Perfumed Hand Essence

Bring the scent of Something Pure Blue and the soft moisture of flowers to the hands.
Refreshing hand essence in a limited-edition scent.

In stores May 1st, 2024 - Limited edition
JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue Perfumed Hand Essence
40g 2,640 yen (2,400 yen not including tax)

Product features:
・A pure fragrance brimming with the most blessed feeling in the world, and a varied floral bouquet that blooms with the soft translucency of a wedding veil.
Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue in a limited-edition hand essence.
・Oils that blend with your skin and a wonderful fragrance envelop hands with a fresh and invigorating texture.
・With five select botanical beauty ingredients, including Damask rose extract and camellia oil, to imbue skin with fine moisture. Skin is imbued with moisture and translucence together with the fragrance.
The essence absorbs quickly so hands don’t feel sticky.
・With each use, the fragrance spreads across your hands, creating a feeling of happiness as if carrying a flower bouquet.
・Something Blue Bouquet fragrance.

・The white pearl tube is decorated with blue shoes and Crystal Bloom flowers.
The screw cap is topped off with a Crystal Blue Bouquet decoration.

Directions for use:
・Take a suitable amount into your palm and work it into skin.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Damask rose extract, Edelweiss extract, Peony extract, Madonna lily extract, Camellia oil, glycerin.
Damask rose extract is Rosa × damascena flower extract, edelweiss extract is Leontopodium alpinum flower/leaf extract, peony extract is Paeonia suffruticosa root extract, Madonna lily extract is Lilium candidum bulb extract, and camellia oil is Camellia japonica seed oil.