Sakura Bouquet Lip Bouquet Serum

Sakura Bouquet Lip Bouquet Serum

With natural ingredients that softly coat lips to make them plump and firm.
Nectar lip plumper*1 in a limited-edition sakura color and fragrance.

In Stores March 1st, 2024 - Limited-edition item
JILL STUART Sakura Bouquet Lip Bouquet Serum
2 types 6mL 3,740 yen each (3,400 yen not including tax)

105 cherry blossom petals
Lavender with sparkling blue pearl and the translucence of sakura petals in sunlight.
(Large purple-blue, pink-purple, yellow-pink, blue-green and red-brown pearl)

106 sakura dusk
A charming sakura pink with sparkling pink pearl
(Large pink, silver and blue pearl)

Product features:
・Our lip serum that brims with moisture, as if it’s imbued with the essence of countless flowers, in two limited-edition colors for the fleeting sakura season.
・Base is composed of 90% naturally derived*2 ingredients.
・With a pleasant, cool feeling and a plumping effect,*3 it leaves lips plump and full. It creates a tingling warmth and refreshing cooling sensation.
・Contains Melting Fit Oil, which supplies generous hydration and a strong moisturizing effect, and Crystal Coating Ingredient, which envelops lips in a thick film, protecting them and adding shine, along with six types of plant-derived moisturizing ingredients. It leaves lips looking plump and glossy.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Sakura Bouquet fragrance.
*1 Feels like nectar. The plumpness is a cosmetic effect only.
*2 90% naturally derived* ingredients (not including water) ISO 16128 compliant.
*3 Cosmetic effect only.

・The top features the Crystal Bloom series’ three rings of flowers embellished with crystals, and the bottle sparkles like a colorful jewel, in an exceedingly luxurious looking design.
・In this limited-edition design, the silver cap and bottle top are imbued with a hint of cool-toned pink inspired by double-flowered sakura.

Directions for use:
・Take a suitable amount onto the enclosed applicator and apply directly to lips.
・Those who do not take well to warm or cold sensations or who have sensitive skin should refrain from use.

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Sato-zakura extract, plum extract, Damascus rose extract, edelweiss extract, peony extract, olive squalane
Sato-zakura extract is Prunus serrulata flower extract, plum extract is Prunus mume fruit extract, Damascus rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract, edelweiss extract is Leontopodium alpinum flower/leaf extract, peony extract is Paeonia lactiflora flower extract.
・Moist feel, adhesion: Contains melting fit oil and crystal coating ingredient.
Melting Fit Oil is phytosteryl/isostearyl/cetyl/stearyl/behenyl dimer dilinoleate, and Crystal Coating Ingredient is dextrin isostearate.

The box design evokes the springtime scene of double-flowered sakura petals fluttering and falling in clusters.

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