JILL STUART 2019 Fall Collection

In stores August 2, 2019

Eternal Couture

The pearl accessories your mother gave you
project an innocent color and a soft luster.
Unlike sparkling diamonds and rubies, for example,
they have a special presence that’s noble and graceful.

For this fall, JILL STUART presents a makeup collection inspired by pearls,
which enchant women with their pure,
timeless beauty and are beloved across the generations.

We took the thrill of taking pearls out of a jewelry box and put it into eye color.
With the very same luster and shine as the pearls you wear on your body,
these colors imbue your eyes with a dignified confidence and
a serene sense of reassurance. We bet they’ll be your partner for life.

Instill in your gaze the special, pretty look that’s unique to pearls.

eternal pearl エターナルパール
Common ingredients throughout this collection,
which contains pearl powder.

Pearls are the only jewel created by living creatures.
Their beauty comes from the mother-of-pearl excreted by a pearl-producing oyster.
In this collection, all the makeup items contain this ingredient, along with silver frost.
They recreate a sophisticated pearl-like luster, imparting a glamorous look to eyes.

*Eternal pearl consists of frost, mica, and titanium oxide.
エターナルクチュール アイズ ポイント
Point1 Pearly smooth touch
Has a premium texture you’ll want to keep touching,
just like a round, flawlessly smooth pearl.
Formulated with lavish amounts of plate-shaped powder particles
and spherical powder particles,
for a texture that seems to melt effortlessly into skin.
Two types of oil give it a dewy texture.
Point2 Pure pearl color
Brilliantly shiny and clear like the color of a pearl,
it delivers pure, true color and shine.
Spherical powder particles spread out on top of
evenly aligned plate-shaped powder particles,
forming a makeup coat that’s clear, uniform, and thinly applied.
This shows off Eternal pearl's sparkle beautifully.
Point3 Eternal lasting
Just like pearls, whose beauty doesn’t fade over time,
it maintains a beautiful freshly applied finish.
Formulated with a snugly adhering oil,
so that after the eye color is spread out,
it settles well onto the skin and stays in place,
keeping the same beautiful finish as the instant it was applied.

The color of flower petals,
and the sophisticated luster of pearls.
Lipstick that gives lips an elegant finish.

In stores August 2, 2019 Limited-edition item

lip blossom eternal couture

3 limited-edition colors, 2,800 yen each (not including tax)


Pearly luster that melts softly and airily onto the skin.
Light, loose-type blush.

In stores August 2, 2019 Limited-edition item

loose blush eternal couture

2 limited-edition colors, 3,800 yen each (not including tax)


Feel the same excitement and joy
as when you put on a pearl ring.
This nail color leaves fingertips looking glossy and chic.

In stores August 2, 2019 Limited-edition item

nail lacquer eternal couture

7mL, 5 limited-edition colors, 1,500 yen each (not including tax)

2019 JILL STUART Fall Collection
Punkish elements such as a mix of different materials like velvet and metallic,
red and black combinations, and cool pants styles, stand out in this season's collection.
Even while playing with detail, they have a classical shape and feminine JILL style.
This plus just the right balance of sweetness and sharpness fosters a romantic mood.
【Key word】 velvet - Nice velvet texture different materials - Mix of different materials mixture of colors - Use of diverse colors a bit darker and heavier - A little darker and more formal than usual